Monday, December 2, 2013

Crazy Wind!

Funny stories:
We went to Santa Ana to celebrate el dia de accion de gracias! On the bus into Santa Ana in the front of the bus there was a sticker on the window that said in English: "This seat is reserved for Rosa Parks.". It just made me laugh because nobody here knows who she is or anything. It´s just an old bus from the US that´s recycled here probs. Love it. 

Sister Morris...another gringa in my area!

We went to find a member and we walked up to his house, there were about 6 ladies outside and I said, ¨Buenas¨ right as a huge gust of wind came and blew my skirt completely up...yep, everything underneath was exposed. So funny.  Me and Hermana Najera laughed pretty hard along with the other ladies and it was a good time. I haven´t laughed like that in a while. It felt good. And I didn´t even care haha.

Some random things:
-the wind here is absolutely CRAZY! Today was so windy and we were teaching in some humble homes, one house I thought was going to blow over. But when we were teaching Daniel the wind outside was SO loud and strong and with a tin roof it was extreme. So it´s an adventure every day. I´m loving it. But today I was actually cold for the first time. Rumor on the street is it´s windy like this until February. I guess we´ll see. 
-They light fireworks during Christmas time (aka right now). And every time it scares me because they are huge loud gun shots is what it sounds like. Who lights fireworks at Christmas?

 Wendy's El Salvadorian Style!

Two great stories:
Daniel that we are teaching right now is great. We set a date for 14 Diciembre for baptism and he is excited and wants to learn more. We taught him the plan of salvation today and it was great to be able to explain everything and have him be so receptive and excited and want to learn more. But I don´t think I really told how we found Daniel. We were going to visit someone, but it fell through. So my companion started walking down this street and I wasn´t sure where we were going. (I don´t think she knew either.) We passed a member´s house and he saw us and came outside to say hi. We were outside talking to him for about 5 min when Daniel rode up on his bike. We asked if we could share a message with him and he said yes of course and we went in and that´s when we taught the first lesson and first vision and he was excited and totally receptive. The other side of the story is that Daniel told us that he was with his friend at an evangelic church and just didn´t feel good about it and decided he didn´t want to be there, so he decided he´d go home and that´s when he rode up and found us in the calle. But if we weren´t there...if my companion didn´t listen to her feeling and go down this street, we wouldn´t have found him. It´s just a miracle. And it´s a testament to me how we need to just listen to the Spirit...being those random little thoughts and ideas inside of us. Follow those. They are real. 

The second story is about Lourdes and Elias. They are both members, 20 and 21 years old, but have been inactive for about 9 years. They were baptized when they were 8 and 9 cause their mom was a member, but their mom passed away and they fell away from the church. The first night we went to visit her she asked us about baptism and if someone can be baptized twice. We talked about how baptism by the proper authority is what´s important. I felt the impression to ask her why she asked this question, and why she wanted to know about baptism. She then responded how she wants to know more about the church. She was baptized but then fell away and essentially doesn´t know anything about the church and wants to learn more. That´s when we told her we´d start from the beginning as if she knew nothing and teach her all the lessons and answer all her questions (cause she said she had many.) Well a couple days later we went to teach her and her brother Elias for the first time. She told us then that she knew the missionaries had stopped by her house a few times when she wasn´t there and she was really confused by this. She didn´t know why they would stop by her house. She prayed to God and told him that if this Church was true and if this was His Gospel, to send her a sign. That´s when we showed up at her house and she and her brother were there. It´s just amazing to watch the power of God work around us. I love it. And it´s amazing.

This is the only time in my life when I will be able to be completely dedicated to the Lord. I don´t have to worry about work, about kids, about boys, about bills, about anything. I get to study the scriptures, focus on helping others come unto Christ, and dedicate my time completely to that and helping everyone else and not myself. And this will be the only time I can do that in my life. And I´m starting to lose myself in the work and loving every second of it. My companion and I are mejorando cada dia, we´re trying to improve and do our best and we´re seeing miracles before our eyes. It´s amazing. I love it. 

Love you lots. Miss you even more. Thanks for your prayers and support. I feel it daily. 



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