Monday, November 25, 2013

Snail Mail...It's the way for now!

First, I´m sorry last week was so short and crazy. I had a lot of technical difficulties with my computer and 
I´m only allowed 1 hour anyways (45 min to write family, 15 min to write our Mission President). So 
it´s hard to read all the emails and find time to reply. I´m going to start writing real letters, though. I´ll try to write home letters as well as emails because it is just easier to do that during the week since my time is so limited on the computer. As such, if you want to tell my friends to write me letters instead of emails I would LOVE that. I don´t have anyone´s mailing address, so if they write me letters or a quick email with their address, then I can get their address and write them back. Word on the street is the letters are about 2 weeks one way. So it´s longer and slower, but still fun.  Our district leaders collect our mail from the mission home every week and we get them each week. So, just use the mission address. 

Some funny things from the last couple weeks
-we bought toilet paper at the store...and didn´t realize until we got home that is was ¨Christmas Scent¨ haha. Don´t get me wrong, it smells amazing! But it´s just so weird using cinnamon/ cloves scented toilet paper every time I go to the bathroom.

-One of the guys in our ward was wearing rock climbing shoes just as normal shoes the other day. Loved it. And made me realize how spoiled we have it in the USA.

-We´re going to the temple!!!! I´m stoked. We get to go 3 times each year, even though it´s not in our mission boundaries, and our zone is going Dec. 4th.

Some differences
-cold showers. There is no hot water here. Which it´s pretty hot outside so that´s fine...but at night when it cools down, a cold shower is quite an adventure. 

-there are ants everywhere, kitchen, study table, etc. But it´s totally just normal and okay. I think I might start naming some of them.

-we bought some soap last week to clean out bathroom, my companera handed it to me and told me it was for cleaning. When we got home I read the package and it was laundry detergent for clothes. I showed my companion and she simply said, "Oh hermana, mira, it´s for both..." and then put laundry detergent with a little bleach in a bucket for me to clean. haha...I obviously should have known that you can use it for both. Duh.

-The food is delicious (different from the MTC). We pay a lady in our ward to fix us lunch Tuesday through Saturday. The rest of the time we cook ourselves.

Mission change: so apparently my mission doesn´t include Belize. My call said El Salvador Santa Ana and Belize, but that was the old mission. They split El Salvador into 3 missions now and the middle mission has Belize. So I´ll be El Salvador my entire mission.

Changes: Well we all know how good I am at singing (and if you don´t, I´m AWFUL). But whenever we visit a family or someone, we usually sing a hymn. So basically I´m singing duets everyday...who ever thought that would happen? I sure didn´t! I just feel bad for the people that have to listen to me. 

There are three people we´re teaching right now that are awesome:
-Mirna, she is 12 years old and wants to be baptized, but she just has to get permission from her parents. Pray for her and her parents. We set a date for December 14th, so exciting!

-Daniel, he´s 60 and we taught him the first lesson our first meeting, and he loved it and was totally open to the idea. He came to church yesterday and he wants to change his life. The spirit was so strong and he said if he prays to find out if this Church is true, he will be baptized. He´s so ready it´s incredible.

-Henry Y Claudia are a familia that are excited and love the Gospel and want to learn more, but they don´t have time so far to come to church. We have to get them to come to Church. Pray for them.

I´m learning so much more about the Spirit. Often times in the church we are taught about how when we had this HUGE spiritual impression that we felt like we needed to do something. And yes, this happens (I mean, it´s the reason I´m here on the mission). But oftentimes we forget that the spirit is a "still small voice" that speaks quietly to our hearts in our thoughts and little things. So just listen to that. Because that can be more powerful than we think. 

I love you all. Miss you like crazy. But I´m learning to lose myself in this work and focus on the people and my "family" here in the mission when I miss you all. 

Hermana Wright

PS we´re celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday and I can´t even wait. I´m stoked.

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