Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome to Juayua!


Primero, a million THANKS to all the birthday emails!! Getting online and seeing all the emails from people was the best! So tell everyone thank you so much! And I´m sorry that I don´t have time to write much but we only get 45 min. to read emails and write our families and I had some computer problems, so I have to hurry. But thank you to everyone!!! I loved it. 

Wow, I don´t even know where to start. So much to tell and so little time. 

Okay, let´s see. The basics. My companion is Hermana Najera, she´s from Honduras and is great! I´m in El Salvador in an area called Juayua, and our area is Orquideas. It´s beautiful! The weather is actually perfect right now. My companion told me it was cold where our area is, but it´s not ha. By cold she meant it cools down at night to about 65. So I´m loving the weather! The next transfer is right before Christmas so they aren´t doing transfers then, so I´ll for sure be here for about 3 months at the least. 

Me and mi companera

The conditions people live in are crazy. It reminds me of all these pictures that I saw from Trevor from Cambodia...but seeing pictures and living it is a whole different story. But I´m learning to ignore the conditions and focus on the people, because they are absolutely amazing!! So it´s been a good experience.

How I´m feeling right now? Well I´m loving this experience. It´s crazy and nuts, but I´m laughing my way through the disgusting shower, the bugs, and random things. It´s like I´m living in a movie, but I´m loving it. To be honest the first 4 days were LONG. They felt like weeks and I was having a good attitude, but to be honest at the back of my mind I was thinking, "Wow, 18 months is going to be a really long time..." But I worked on ignoring that, focusing on the work, and for the first time last night and today I´m feeling stoked about this experience. It´s just so different and so many changes, but I´m adjusting and am really loving it. 

Spanish is coming along. I can understand most things, but it´s harder for me to talk. But it´s getting better everyday and I know I just need to be patient with myself. 

Funny story for the week. We have to go outside on our little patio into our bathroom. Well above our patio there has been this GIANT spider and web every day. Well one day I noticed it wasn´t on it´s web. Then my companion pointed out that it was on the wall. Sure enough, there it was...but it wasn´t just on the wall, it was laying it´s eggs on the wall!!! Gross!!! I was grossed out and told my companion we needed to kill it or we were going to get a million giant spider babies in our house (obviously). She didn´t say much. But I remembered we had a can of bug spray so I told her I was going to use that. We went outside and I sprayed that spider and it´s nest like crazy!!! I felt a little better, knowing that I would be able to sleep. So I was feeling pretty good at this point. Then my companion then looked at me with a disappointment look and said, ¨What do you think Heavenly Father will think of that and what I did?" And at this point I way! I guess she just has more Christlike love than I do, because I want to powerspray and kill every living thing that is in our apartment and around our house, and it doesn´t even phase her. But if that´s the worst that it gets, then I think we´re going to get along just great!
The disgusting spider that I murdered.

I´m learning so much and learning to rely on the Lord for help each day. 

I wish I had more time to write but I don´t. Love you lots family. I´ll try to write more next week. 

Hermana Wright

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