Monday, December 16, 2013

Temblors, parasitos, y adventures, oh my!


One night this week there was a pretty big temblor. It was pretty neat and a surreal experience. My companion was falling asleep but I was still praying, so I was kneeling next to my bed when the ground and everything began to shake. It lasted awhile too...probs 20 seconds or so. It´s a pretty weird feeling when the ground beneath you literally starts shaking and moving. It´s weird, but really cool at the same time. I can´t imagine what the real earthquakes are like that last for a few minutes and are crazy big. That would be terrifying. But the little temblors are pretty cool.

On the other hand I got really sick for the second time. As a result I got tested for parasites and tested positive. Woohoo. So I started taking meds Saturday to kill parasites. Adventures.

I think something I´ve learned more about this week is opposition in all things. There were some days this week that were absolutely incredible. We put two baptisms dates with two investigators, we celebrated some members birthdays, helped put up christmas trees, held 1 week old puppies, and talked with lots of people about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness and joy found in this message. But there were also a couple days that were long and frustrating as well. Especially yesterday. Frustrating with my companion, me not feeling awesome physically speaking, and to be honest not feeling like being a missionary at times as I missed family and familiarity. But if I didn´t know the frustrating, disheartening, and hard times I wouldn´t know the good and happy and exciting times. It´s impossible to have happy times if I don´t understand the sad. And I guess that´s just what this is about...endure to the end. Put one foot in front of the other when you don´t want to move, smile when you feel like crying, and enjoy the happy and amazing moments life gives us. We´re here on the earth to be happy. That´s our purpose in life. But not just happy, but find pure joy and happiness. So go find it. 
Mirna - 12 yr old Investigator

Suprise party for Hermana Guadalupe Silva. Less active member

On a good note we put two baptisms dates this week for Arnoldo and Kevin! Pray for them that they will continue to learn and grow and come closer to this Gospel. We also had to move back the baptism date for Mirna, because she didn´t come to Church this week. Pray for her. I´m not sure what happened, but she´s disheartened and saddened and we´re praying to know how to help her.

I love you lots. And lots. 

Hermana Wright
Farwell to Elder Jacobson, our gringo zone leader, cause he got transferred

Decorating with Katy

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