Monday, July 21, 2014

A week of stories... favorite!

It finally rained last night and I got to mojarme (get wet)!! I love the rain on the mission. It`s so refreshing against the deathly heat. And especially these last two weeks it hasn`t rained at all and it`s been excruciating hot. So I was sure grateful for get wet and play in the rain last night. (gotta love her English)

A week with stories...

Presidente Spjut put a rule a few days ago so that every single companionship needs to contact 5 families each day. We`ve really worked to do it and we`ve seen miracles as we have completed it each day. But tonight was just hilarious. First, missionaries are so weird. It`s just how it is. We can`t be normal. That`s why they send us so far away from our we can be weird without shame. But we had 4 families and so lacked 1 and we saw a family walking in the street. We stopped and introduced ourselves but they clearly didn`t want anything to do with us, but we kept following them to contact them ha. They were like, "Have a good night" and we were like, "So what`s your name?" as we`re following them in the street. Then they were like, "We`re going to cross the street." and we just followed them haha. We were total creepers and it was awkward. As we walked away Hermana Chiquin and I just laughed to ourselves at how awkward and weird missionaries are. Good times.


Today the Elders contacted a family and tried to teach them. Back up about 2 weeks, when we found this family and contacted them. They let us in their home and we started singing a hymn to start sharing a message. Well the sancudos (mosquitos or bugs?) were eating me in this house, so I as we were singing I just pulled out my bug spray and sprayed a little bit on my legs, and put it away and we continued singing. Not a big deal. We prayed and shared a message with them and all was well and they told us we could go back, not a problem at all. When we tried going back we never found them. So now fast forward to the Elders who contacted this family and asked if they could let them share a message. The family said no, and then according to the Elder the conversation went something like this, "No, two hermanas visited us a couple weeks ago and I don`t know what it was, but the gringa sprayed some sort of nasty disinfectant in our house, and who knows what that crazy stuff was used for, but it was disgusting and no way, we don`t know what that disinfectant is or what it was used for." 'the Family

"Are you sure it wasn`t the Jehovah`s witnesses" 'Elder Rodriguez, trying to save the situation

"No way, they were definitely Mormons, it was the gringa." 'The family.

Oops. Well I thought it wasn`t a big deal...but seeing how I guess not everyone knows what bug spray is, I am repenting and not going to spray it when we`re visiting with people, as they think it`s some sort of crazy disinfectant and we probably do voodoo or something. 

Last night we made french toast 
in the house of a member with the assistants. Yep,,,that family has money! 

The spiritual:
Tonight we had a great lesson with la familia Sanabria, Julia the hija (daughter) told us about a dream that she had. She said that she went to bed thinking about work or other things, not thinking about the book of mormon or jose smith or any of that. Well she dreamt that she was in a place that was gorgeous...the streets were unbelievable, the buildings de crystal and gorgeous. She described it very well and said that she felt like it was el cielo (heaven). Well as she was in the dream she looked up and Jose Smith was there, he was young and wearing great clothes and appeared in her dream. She said she felt like she heard the voice of Jesus Christ and that this was a respuesta de Dios que eso es verdadera (God's response that this is true). As she was telling us she told us how she felt such joy and tears came to her eyes. She told us that she realized that it might not be so hard to change after all. She told us that she believes this is the true church over the face of the earth. She still hasn`t accepted a baptism date and she didn`t want to kneel with us to pray to ask God. I think because she knows the answer she`ll get. But she`ll be baptized, we`re just trying to patient, but help her realize it`s time.

Tonight we had a pretty great lesson with Claudia. We started teaching lesson 2, el plan de salvacion, and her heart was softened, she started crying as she was talking about how there`s so much difficulty and trials and hardships in this vida (life), and is it really necessary? Is that the kind of God that we have? And we shared a special moment with her trying to help her understand how loving and amazing God is, more about the Atonement, and why it`s necessary to pass through hard ships. There`s still a long ways to go. But as we left she asked us, "when are you coming back?" Then she responded, "Can you come tomorrow?". Yes, we said. And that`s what happens when people feel the spirit...they ask us to come back and ask us when we are going to visit them. It`s really a beautiful thing. 

Pray for Claudia and Julia. They are both so ready to be baptized, but are scared to take the step forward.
Claudia gave me an original
dress from Nicaragua (that's
where she is from).  I love it!


Aside from that we had interviews with Presidente this week, worked to resolve some issues with disobedient hermanas, oh and Hermana Chiquin got news that she`s going to train. So that means she`s not going to be a leader and going to train a newbie. So I will be getting a new companion this wednesday for changes. Woohoo! oops...I mean, so that`s good. Ha, no, I love her, but I am grateful for the change. I`m praying that I get a teammate. Someone with whom I can work together with and we can work as a team and change this area. It needs a lot of help and it has lots of potential...I would just love a teammate to work with me. 

Until next time...

Hermana Wright

PS I think it`s a little ironic how everyone expects me to talk about my struggles and challenges and such...but not everyone loves to write me about theirs...I accept all kinds of letters, so just in case you thought I didn`t, I accept them all. :)

PPS I think there`s been quite a few letters lost that I haven`t sorry if I haven`t responded to some of you who wrote me, because I have only gotten a couple in the past couple months and multiple have told me they wrote me a letter...kinda weird. that`s just what happens when I`m in El Salvador and yàll are in the USA.

"My new best friend."

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